HiPad Pro LTE (MTK) Stock Firmware

I need the stock firmware for my HiPad Pro LTE (Helio G95;MTK)
Especially the vbmeta.img.

Please Help

@Blueforcer Have you tried sending the firmware request to the customer services of Chuwi?
I have not seen the firmware release of the MTK model as well.

no answer yet :confused:

But maybe someone can make a dump

@Blueforcer So poor customer services. Firmware is the must for the device manufacturers to support their customers. I am glad that I sold both Hipad Max and Hipad Pro last month.

BTW what happens with your device that needs the firmware to fix?

Im fine with the device. Youll get what you pay for… and for 200€ its a superb tablet, wich doesnt exist from other manufactures.
i messed up with a different rom, and flashed the wrong vbmeta.img. Now it boots with the “orange state” message. and i cant lock the bootloader otherwise it will go into red state, So i cant install netflix. It still works tho.

Maybe ill buy a new one, make a dump and send it back :slight_smile:

@Blueforcer I agreed that the hardware is good quality. But I also love to have the device unlockable. Huawei devices are also high quality but they officially announced to no support unlock method. So I’ve never bought any Huawei android devices since then.

If your device’s warrantee is still available and returning it back would not cost you too much, I would agree to return your device for the new one.

Yesterday I received the firmware from their service. Pad is now working again.
I will upload it inklusive tools later.
Now I can try some treble firmwares :sweat_smile:

Stock firmware for HiPad Pro LTE (MTK)

Some warnings for everyone who wants to install this firmware:

  1. Attached video is misleading:
  • It shows that MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin should be used. It’s true for many firmwares (actually the movie is for a different firmware where it’s probably true) but for this firmware it allows to flash only some files. MTK_AllInOne_MT6758_DA_sign_R.bin will allow to flash all files.
  • It show that default “Download Only” option should be changed to “Firmware Update” option. I did it and it was a mistake. “Firmware Update” starts with formatting everything. It may be useful if your filesystem is completely broken, but it will erase information not available in the firmware, for example widevine will be gone.
  1. Firmware itself is crippled - USB connection with PC doesn’t work. So for example no file transfer or adb via USB. Also fastbootd mode doesn’t work (fastboot mode still works) so it’s not possible (or at least not obvious) to replace the ROM. But it’s still possible to install ROMs via DSU.
  1. is wrong and works great

also adb works as before.

there is nothing wrong with this firmware

Did you install all images? In not, maybe the problem is in the image you didn’t install.
Did you use “Firmware Update” option, or formatted it manually? In not, it’s possible that the firmware needs some partitions that aren’t available in the package. For example from scatter:

  - partition_index: SYS37
    partition_name: vendor_boot
    file_name: NONE

This is how it works for me after installing using “Firmware Update” with USB cable connected (root is needed for this):

HiPadPro:/ # cat /sys/devices/virtual/android_usb/android0/state

(also dmesg (I’m on linux) doesn’t show anything after connecting the tablet)

And for the device where USB works correctly:

# cat /sys/devices/virtual/android_usb/android0/state

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