Hipad X 4G Lte stock Firmware

I need stock firmware for Chuwi Hipad X 4G Lte. Thanks

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I need that too. It would be awesome if they put the bsp on github

I need it too. pls provide for us

I got the link from AMAZON seller give me the link:

After download and un-zip it I see the folder name is “MT8788_OCH2_T4L2X2” remove all Chinese character on the folder name( do not down load Brush tools and drivers plus tutorial folder, it is old and its splash tool does not work) I use SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2032_Win to load firmware without any error . But look in side this folder firmware I see “MT6771_Android_scatter.txt” this firmware is for MT6771 which is chip on HiPad X. I give away my tablet already, So if any one use this firmware please confirm it is for Chuwi Hipad X? and it is global rom or Chinees rom?

Google it, I found out the MT6771/MT8788 P60 is same platform.

its global, says on the filename (those chinese characters)

THX bro :+1: appreciate it

Do you confirm the firmware for CHUWI HIPAD X? I gave away my tablet, I may consider to get it again. Thanks

Beware that ROM fuck the video output of my tablet any what to fix?