Stock rom for HiPad X_v1.0_ EEA _20220321

Where can I get the stock rom file for hipad x with build number HiPad X_v1.0_ EEA _20220321

It’s the model that came with Android 11 already installed with the unisoc t618 chipset.

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I have the same Question. New Hipad X are coming out with Android 11. CHuwi still has not released any support version or OTA support.
Can @ChuwiService try to provide some insight on this.

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Besides posting here i have been emailing the aftersale-service and service emails and messaging the chuwi global facebook page and noone has responded ro me for almost a month now.

I still really could use some help with this. I’ve been contacting y’all since the beginning of July through this forum, both emails and facebook messenger but iI haven’t heard back from anyone at all yet.

Hello @ChuwiService any updates on this topic?