HiPAD X updates or support

Hello team,

Hipax X is a great value for money device. However we as the customers deserve some more attention.
The system does not perform security updates, we cannot get information is Android 11 will be support.Would it be possible to get some support notes and guides for each product delivered for the owners.
Something like a projuct page with manuals, updates and most existing FAQ. It’s the last you can do.

Hello, this model has not been updated yet, thank you

Hello team,

Thank you for your feedback.
Any idea when the update will be available?

Cumprimentos/Best regards,

Sérgio De Matos

Hello Team,

Is there already any official info on Android 11 for Hipad x?

I just got this information on the CHuwi forums.

“At home I already have a Hipad X with Android 10 (security patch 5 July 2020) build number “mt8788_20200811” but I can’t update it.
The one who arrived installed Android 11, build number “HiPad X_v1.0_ EEA _202111217”.”

How can I get this version to update please?

Best regards.

You arent the only one with android update question and problems that arent solved :frowning: SUPPORT IS NOT FUNCTIONING WHAT SO EVER WROTE EMAIL , ASK ON FB FOR HELP WROTE HERE ON 4UM TO GET UPDATES NOTHING