HiPad X Android 10 update or switch?

Hello all, Curiosity. Is there anyone around who would know if Android10 is planning to come up with an update? It is over a year old version. In most area, both tablets are still behaving well, but few glitches are still around. Minor stuff really. Also, i was wondering if anyone ever tried to switch the iOS version,. Either to 11 or even rolled back to earlier version? I would like to read about which one you tried and how it went! Cheers.

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Hello, I agree, Chuwi has made a great job ensuring we had the default software and light pixel Android version but the system is not updating as expected.

Hello, the Android 10 will get an update and why in the state of security updates still from August 5, 2021…that must necessarily receive an update…

Of you users of the HipadX installed a better launcher…what can you recommend ?

Summer 2022 and the Hipad x still doest get update for the android 10. I would like to know if someone found a way to do it? Tabletstill works wonder butthe ios is aging… !