Hipad Plus Android 11 update

I am one of the earliest adopter/customer of Hipad Plus, I gave trust to Chuwi with no review on the tablet on the web at all. Now I see on the shop a new version, identical to my one, but running Android 11: I do hope that they will send an Ota update for mine too, as it would be really annoying if it wouldn’t happen so.
Anyone have suggestions?

I already talked about this on another thread but…I was told by a Chuwi-staff member on Instagram that Android 11 is coming to all Hipad Pluses, in one way or another. Tablets from newer batches are going to have 11 right out of the box and owners of the “older” tablet will have to do the update manually (I got no exact information how). It might be bit of a hassle compared to OTA-update but better than not getting update at all. We will be informed about this at some point.

Well, let’s keep in touch as the first who Out how, will tell the other!

A week ago I found out that CHUWI Hipad Plus devices now come from the factory with Android 11 installed.
I sent an email to CHUWI asking when this update will be available (via OTA) for users who bought it at the beginning (22/February/2021), and the answer they have sent me is a manual to flash the device via PC to Android 11.
This procedure seems complicated to me, because I have never done it before, and also the link to download the European version of Android 11 does not work, nor does the Global version.
I have sent another email clarifying that I was referring to the update via OTA today, and I am still waiting for a reply.
I hope this helps.

Hi, there,

Which procedure was it and where can we find it?


Hi Management , the download link for the android 11 version doesn’t work

Basically it is a manual in Word format with links to download the applications (2). And the version of Android 11, to perform a PC flashing. This procedure implies in my country (SPAIN) that you would lose the warranty, if something goes wrong you can not make any claim.
I have sent an email to CHUWI asking if they are going to update the devices via OTA, but they haven’t answered me yet.

Hello management.
I have just read your reply and I see that it is the same as the one you sent me.
What does this mean? you don’t plan to update via OTA?
Why do you have to compromise the user with a flashing procedure?
All users do not have the same technical level to do it, the logical thing is that the update would be via OTA and in this way give service to all.

That’s right, the download link via Mediafire for Android 11 doesn’t work.

European version and Russian version now works , global version still doesn’t work. What’s the differences between European version and Global? if i just use the European version, will it work?

I have bought the chuwi hipad plus from amazon, and it came with android 10. Is going to be an update via ota with android 11 for my new tablet ??? Do i need to do manually ??? If i do by myself… do i loose my warranty ??? Can anybody anwer me, please. I Dont know what to do

Unfortunately, all the links for the Android versions are down again. Could someone update the links or share the files for the Euroopean version?

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Hello. If anyone has a skinote firmware for 11 android. Thanks.

I’d hereby like to push this thread to ask, if the management would be willing to consider renewing the download-links? A couple of customers would appreciate it, probably.

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Management, could you please reupload the global ROM? The links are dead.

Or if anyone else can, that’d be much appreciated.


Buenos dias, adquirí una HiPad Plus con Android 10 y me gustaría actualizarla a Android 11. No me puedo creer que subieran el firmware durante un tiempo y ahora lo hayan retirado. Muy contento con el dispositivo pero muy decepcionado con el respaldo de Chuwi, gracias.

Hello, I inform you that after I contacted the Chuwi service ( service@chuwi.com ) they sent me the link to obtain the European Android 11 version of firmware for Hipad Plus Android 11 (zip. file size of about 1.2 GB)

Link to European Android 11 firmware Hipad Plus

Very good support from Chiwi! Thank you so much!

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Any chance of getting the original Android 10 firmware for flashing in case this Android 11 makes the tablet unusable?

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Thank you so much!! Very good contribution