Very bad experience

I am writing to share a very bad experience I had with Chuwi support, as you might know, after only few months Chuwi came Out with a new version of the Hipad Plus, identical to the first one, but with the latest Android 11
I wrote the support, requesting news about the update of mine, as it is very unfair that an early adopter buys a new device and after only 2 months, it come out a newer version:
They answered me after one week with a precompiled nonsense email(copy and paste style)
I reply, asking when my Hipad Plus would receive Android 11 update and surprisingly they send me a .rar file with the instruction on how to update it plugging it via USB to a PC
Not the best method(I think) but better than nothing,mbut here come the real issue:
They sent me an empty .rar file!!!
So I reply to them if that was the way Chuwi treats it’s customers, and I never had an answer anymore!!
I don’t think I’ll ever buy a Chuwi device, and I will warn everybody I know to stay away from a such unseious brand.
I do hope none of you guys will ever feel as I felt once I fouND out they were pulling my legs, and I wanted to share the worst experience in 40 years I buy technology devices.
Goodbye Chuwi, it was shortest and most unsatisfying experience I could possibly imagine.

I think you just got an incompetent tech support specialist. Of course, this significantly spoils the impression of the company’s work, but still it may be just an unpleasant accident.

Well, support lacked from day one when I was asking news on the shipping, never got an answer and ai bought on chuwi website directly.
There’s no monitoring on the support from Chuwi, so it’s not an incompetent support representative, it’s the full dpt. So it’s Chuwi lack of vision


We are sorry for the untimely update service. And always put the customer’s experience in the first place.We will listen carefully to your suggestions and make adjustments and changes.

The Android 11 update for Hipad Plus was posted on the forum on June 9th. There are detailed steps and tutorials above. If you have any more questions, you can give me feedback here.Flash instruction for Chuwi Hipad Plus update to Android 11