CHUWI HiPad Max really needs an OS update

After the long use that I have given to this tablet, it has points that disappoint me and they necessarily deserve to be attended.

Tablet is not updated for one year, missing Monet or Material You theme, missing Live Wallpapers, Interference between Wifi 2.4Ghz and Bluetooth, no audio from Wireless Headphones (Option must be disabled on Developer options), needs system optimizations, missing exFAT Support, speakers audio is loud, USB debugging enabled by itself after reboot and allow bootloader unlocking on update!!!

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They never will

Thanl you for the notes. We are going to launch a superior one so i do not think we could improve that model. Instead we will focus on the new one. But still i noted and passed to tech.

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It is necessary to improve the performance of the tablet, it requires optimizations, even because some games lower the FPS or are limited despite being a mid-range tablet.

And I hope so, this model has to get all the power out of what it has.

At least you could give root access to every one who wants it so a custom rom could be made.

Only if you update the tablet and allow the bootloader to be unlocked is it possible. But at the moment it is very difficult to do this with this Tablet model.

Any particular reason why? Chuwi could just share the unlocked bootloader since they don’t want to continue to support this device.

It’s a shame, because it’s hardware is quite powerful but the lack of updates kills it.

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I will ask on Monday if possible we can do something about it.