HiPad Max: BT Aptx and LDAC NOT OK!

i am using the HiPad Max with newest Software.
When i try to hear Musik using Bluetooth > no problem.
When i activate AptX or LDAC to have better Quality there comes no Sound on my WH-1000XM3 Headset.
Same Test with my POCO X3 Pro > no Problem with AptX and LDAC > perfect Sound !

Please fix HighQuality Bluetooth !
Thank You !

Is it normal for CHUWI support to have no response to error messages ? Is any developer interested in the feedback from customers here ?
It’s my first tablet from CHUWI, hopefully not the last !?!

I have the same problem. Do you know how to change the blutooth codec on the tablet ? Thanks.

You should activate the Developer options and choose the Bluetooth Codec

Done.It works without the HD audio. Did you try to contact the customer support or is it a waste of time ?

So far, I have only reported about it here in the forum. Developers read along here, but unfortunately they do not react in any way.

I sent a message to the customer support .I will report here about it .But you are right : there are only a handful of messages on this forum, this is not acceptable to not receive any response from the developers. Chuwi, wake up !


I just bought this tablet and have the same HD audio problem.
Why isn’t this fixed yet? I already regret buying it.
This should be easy to resolve with an update.