Chuiwi Hipad Max Microphone issues

First off why is there no specific form for the Hipad Max all the other models have a
form except the Hipad Max why is that can you add a specific form for the Hipad Max
please. I had to post this under “other models”

So I have a Chuwi Hipad max that i just got
I have had it maybe oh a week or so now maybe.

Now I am trying to go on various social media apps
and chat programs and people are saying they are having
me a very hard time hearing me.

The device has absolutely NO case on it and people
are complaining that they can hardly hear me.

And it isn’t just one program it is multiple programs
Google Meet, MeetMe, Facebook Messenger.

What is up with the microphone on this device the
call volume is at FULL as well.

This isn’t an issue that I have caused this is something with
your device.

And I checked under Settings and Sounds and there is NO way
for me to be able to increase the mic gain in there either. So how
do I increase the sensitivity of your microphone on this device.

This is your new tablet which I believe you released around
August 2022 area.

Again there is no case on this and the call volume is maxed out
and people still can not hear me.

I check for system updates in the settings and it says that my tablet
is up to date.

Chuiwi Hipad Max
Model: HiPad Max
Build Number: HiPadMAX-680-ROW-2022-1112-U-V.1.5
Android Version: 12

I am not your average end user either I am a trained network admin.
and I can assure you that I have tried everything I could with the device to try
and resolve this before contacting you. So either this is a physical issue with
the microphone or an internal operating system issue that I can’t change.

How do we fix this. We need get this resolved or I am returning the

Jamie (she / her)

It’s sad but Chuwi has not responded to any bug reports about the Hipad Max so far. Bluetooth high density AptX also does not work when enabled. Android security update is outdated and no prospect of an update. The service is really poor. Very sad. My first and last device from Chuwi. Good that I can exchange the tablet at Amazon Prime within 2 years because of missing security updates.