Chuwi Hi 10 Pro Android doesn't start

Android system doesn’t start on my tablet chuwi Hi10 Pro HQ64G42180300890. Need ROM official for reinstall it please and the tutorial

Can you tell me the mainboard batches?

I’ve Hi10 Pro Intel 64 Bit QuadCore Z8350.
I don’t know if it’s the information that you need, if not let me know please.

The serial number on the back of the tablet. It’s a long number

Hi10 HQ64G42180300890

6, The serial number for HQ64G421803 Download: Android:
Hi10 Pro Android(2018.03)



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Hi10 Pro Windows(2018.03): ( The same as 2017.11 )

Thanks a lot, finally I found the link with all the downloaders that I need in “old forum” and now it runs very well.

I’m glad you can enjoy your device again.

well done! LOL…:clap:

Hi, can you link to the “old forum” post please? Always useful to know where things like this are !

Here you are!!

for you :heart: