hi10 pro missing drivers

hi Im missing the drivers for chuwi hi10 pro and my touch screen doesnt work. various driver detectors seem to detect unknown devices but are unable to identify and find drivers for them can you help?

The forum is in the integration phase and, at this moment there is no access to the downloads section, where the drivers you need are located. You must wait a few days. If it is very urgent, I keep on my hard drive drivers of that tablet model, which you can use

Thx for the swift reply, I’ll wait since it is only my side pc and don’t really have any urgent data or stuff in there. can you pleas let me know ho can I find out when the download section will open? or put me in a queue to receive a notification?

I have the same problem!

How do we tell the Chinese in Shenzhen Chuwi that they ar running a VERY uncivilised coomunity as their behaviour is of the utmost ignornce. I’ve yet to see any of the Chinese at Chuwi provide a complete and useful solution to anything.

As we say to the ready that with 15 minutes of stay in the forum and 5 topics read are able to judge the work of many hours of people interested in helping users?

My integral, internal Bluetooth device is undetectable.

How can Chuwi solve this?


A few more data, please. What is your device? And your serial number? Does Bluetooth appear in the device manager? Do you have any unknown devices there?