Chuwi hi10 PRO can't install windows

Hello, I have a quite simple yet frustating problem. I have chuwi hi10pro hq64g42170904652 and am trying to install chuwi version of windows.
Previous owner deleted both partition with android and windows to just install latest windows iso which it did work but drivers doesn’t work. Now I am trying to install windows installer named:

Hi10 Pro HQ64G42170705940

and also tried:

both return the same error “Failed to make w:\recycler\scratch directory”
I also tried diskpart with clean disk 0 with no luck

I don’t care about android I just want windows to install but there is no way to do it.

Thanks in advance

The first files without the correct ones. You should try another pendrive since some contain hidden partitions that prevent proper installation

I tried 2 different pen drives with no luck. Any other ideas, i don’t wan’t to have such an expensive paper weight.

Of course. If you can’t install the official ROM, you can always do a clean installation of Windows. It’s too late in my country, but if you decide to do it, I can find you a tutorial. You will also need the drivers, since they will have to be installed by hand

I know how to install windows, but I would love to get some help with installing the drivers please.

you just have to turn on with the pendrive set as before and select to install Windows, choose custom installation and on the screen where it asks you where you want to install Windows you have to remove partitions 12, 13, 14 and 15, which are those of Windows and then point As an installation destination, the unallocated space that remains after removing them. Press next and the installation program will start.
On the screen that asks you for the Windows key, click on “I don’t have a password” since Windows will be activated automatically when connecting to the internet.

When the installation is finished, it is time to install the drivers. It is logical that, after a clean installation of Windows, the system does not recognize the drivers of non-Intel devices. This happens on any device of any brand. Then, we must install the drivers that Windows could not install. To do so, after downloading the drivers for our tablet or laptop model and unzipping them into a device storage folder, disable Windows protection for installing unsigned drivers. To deactivate this protection, press start, restart with the shitf key pressed and restart now. When you restart, an advanced reset screen will open in which you must press 7 or F7 to deactivate the protection and restart normally. It’s time to go to the device manager, by clicking the start button with the right mouse button and in the menu choose the device manager, and see in the device tree the drivers that are not installed correctly. (they have a yellow triangle). You must click on each of them with the right button, the driver properties, update the driver. On the next screen, choose the option under “search for driver software on the computer.” On the next screen “choose from a list of available drivers on the computer” and on the next one you must click on the use disk button; The browser will open and select the folder where you unzipped the downloaded drivers, checking the option to search in subfolders. The system will install the device driver. You must repeat this process with each of the devices with a yellow triangle. Note that if you restart, the protection will be activated again, so you must activate it again when you have to install a driver.

Ok, I know all this, I need link to some working drivers, I managed to make touchscreen work but it was uncalibrated. Also tell me how to identify device without name, they are just named unknown device.

I found some drivers, installed them and everything works excelent, except the touch screen is inverted, uncalibrated

try his

Thank you very much, this driver worked perfectly, I managed to solve the problem before by copying original sileadtouch.sys from install.wim to tablet.
But unistalling and installing your driver worked just as good. Im ony facing problem when touchscreenit is always right clicking and only way to disable that is in winows. Got any solution for the last of problem?

Double tapping is also a hard task, like if th touchscreen is too fast?

on Windows or Android?

Everyting on windows, I have windows only.

Ok, you can stop worying about me if you did, I installed official android then the official chuwi windows instalation proceded as it should making everything work perfect. I made sure to disable auto driver update and windows update, now the tablet works very well with dual boot.

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Hi there,

You may be able to help me.
I need to install a fresh copy of windows on my Hi10 Pro.
So, can you please give me instructions on how you did it and if you used windows installation files from here or your own copy of windows.
Your help will be very much appreciated.

okay. Thanks for commenting. I am very happy that you can enjoy your device again

Of course, the guides can be a bit sloppy.
First, if you want to install only windows I did not have any luck with that.
If you still want to keep dual boot,then I can help.
First download the correct version of android and windows for your tablet. On the back of the tablet you have serial number and search for one the closest here:

To flash windows just download the windows .zip, format your USB with NTFS and name it WINPE, then drag and drop all files to the main directory of USB. Then boot the tablet up and keep pressing F7 until boot screen comes up. Select your USB and thats it, everything else will be done automatically.
Do tell me if you need help with android or you have any other problems, im new to chuwi but wil like to learn more about it. When windows boots up, don’t connect to wifi but disable auto windows driver updates.