[SurBook Mini] [SurBook Mini] Chuwi SurBook Mini Windows, Driver, Bios Download

Chuwi SurBook Mini Windows, Driver, Bios Download:



Hi, ask for help.

After reinstalling Win10 on the Chuwi Surbook Mini (Model CWI540), the touchscreen does not work.

Original Windows from the Microsoft website was used:

The original driver from the Chuvi forum (from here) also does not work. And there are no problems with other devices.

So I went through dozens of drivers from here:

None of them are suitable (either the screen does not respond to touches, or the drivers do not want to install, or the screen begins to live its own life).


  1. Are there additional touchscreen drivers suitable for the Chuwi Surbook Mini, possibly older or newer?

  2. What else could you offer to solve my problem?

Regards, Roma Shohat

The touch device driver must download it from this same thread and install it by first deactivating Windows protection for the installation of digitally signed drivers.


“after downloading the drivers of our tablet or laptop model and unzipping them into a device storage folder, disable Windows protection for the installation of unsigned drivers.To deactivate this protection, press start, restart with the shitf key pressed, and restart now. When you restart, an advanced reset screen will open in which you must press 7 or F7 to deactivate the protection and it will restart normally.
It is time to go to the device manager, by clicking on the start button with the right mouse button and in the menu choose device manager, and see in the device tree the drivers that are not correctly installed. (they have a yellow triangle).You have to click on each of them with the right button, driver properties, update driver. On the next screen, choose the option below “search for driver software on the computer”. On the next screen “choose from a list of available drivers on the computer” and on the next one you must click on the use disk button; The browser will open and select the folder where you have unzipped the downloaded drivers, checking the option to search in subfolders.The system will install the device driver. You have to repeat this process with each of the devices with a yellow triangle. Keep in mind that if you restart, the protection will be activated again, so you must activate it again when you have to install a driver”

Hello manonegra222,

Thanks for the tip, but it’s standard.

I followed all your instructions and once again installed the touchscreen driver.

Yes, after the installing 2 devices appear in Device Manager in Human Interface Devices:
HID-compliant touch screen
KMDF HID Minidriver for Touch I2C Device

And yes, in C:\Windows\System32\drivers appears the file:

However, as expected (since I’m already dealing with this a lot of time), the result is the same: THE SCREEN DOES NOT RESPOND TO THE TOUCHES.

So my questions remain valid:

  1. Are there additional touchscreen drivers suitable for the Chuwi Surbook Mini, possibly older or newer?

  2. What else could you offer to solve my problem?

Regards, Roma Shohat

And I want to note:
My Chuwi Surbook Mini did not fall, did not dust, did not get wet, did not burn, etc., etc. ))
And at first (after the purchase, on the preinstalled Windows) the touchscreen on it worked, but with strange glitches. Perhaps it was his magnetic keyboard buggy (which I just changed to a regular USB-keyboard).

Hello manonegra222,

So, today, after a break of several days, I turned on my Chuwi Surbook Mini, and the touchscreen suddenly… earned! I’m really overjoyed.

However, earlier, after installing the driver according to your instructions, I rebooted it, and the touchscreen refused to work.

In general, thank you for this Miracle ))
And I wish you Success and a bunch of different Miracles.

Regards, Roma Shohat

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Guys, who faced the following problem?

Finally, the touchscreen driver was installed so that the touchscreen seems to respond adequately to touch. However, now - a new problem: about 1.5 centimeters to the right from the upper left corner of the screen (at the very top) from time to time, and often even for a long time, a round or rectangular spot appears that clicks on everything that is there and accordingly opens some windows.

If there is nothing there, then it clicks on the empty desktop as RMB and opens a floating menu, interfering with the work.

  • Who had this, and who managed to solve this trouble? Or am I a pioneer again?

  • Maybe someone found another touchscreen driver to avoide this trouble?