Track Pad problem. Tapping does not work to use left mouse button

I have a logitech K400+ wireless keyboard-trackpad. Sometimes, when I tap on it, it wroks properly, as if I had clicked on the left mouse button. Than sometimes tapping does nothing and I have to use a physical mouse button. I thought the problem was with the keyboard, but Logitech replaced it and I still have the same problem. It is intermittent. It worked fine for the last 3 days, now it has stopped again. Very annoying.

If I use any other wireless keyboard with a track pad, I don’t have this problem.

I tried replacing the driver. Windows says i have the latest driver.

Can you help?

Hello M3Man,

Have you downloaded Logitech Software for the keyboard? I believe it’s Logitech Options or Logi+ apps that are compatible with this device.

You may try installing Logitech software to control and setup the keyboard and see if this solves the issue.

That solved my problem. Thanks. I had downloaded a different Logitech software that did not help.

Odd that Logitech did not suggest this. When I complained, thy sent me a new keyboard!

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