Trying to flash android, tablet not in device manager

I made a mistake trying to factory reset the tablet (dual boot Z8350), after which I couldn’t unlock it anymore. So I made a bootable win10 pen drive and reinstalled Win10, while erasing the android partition. Then I had a lot of driver problems so I wanted to install the factory win10 image, which won’t work without the android partition.

As a summary, here is my problem: I can’t flash android with the intel phone flash tool. I’ve tried all different kinds of drivers and versions of the tool but the tablet doesn’t show up as a Intel Android device in the device manager. Any clues?

Is there a workaround, like installing the single boot BIOS and then the single boot Win10 image with all the drivers included? I don’t want to mess around with a blank Win10 and the drivers again and I don’t really need android. Thanks in advance, I literally spent days on this.