Need original ROM for Hi10 Pro PQ64G42161104163

Need original ROM for Hi10 Pro serial PQ64G42161104163 I would like to remove the windows partition and boot to android only … 28P%29_20161103.rar

Thanks, I have downloaded that rom and attempted to flash using the Intel phone flash tool, I enable the dnx fastboot and it starts to flash the device, it appears to restart and then gets to the android bootloader and then fails. not sure what to do when it gets to the android boot loader.
I am trying to follow this procedure ([Hi10 Plus] [TUTORIAL] Remove Windows on the Dual Boot tablet.)

Disable driver signature verification and reinstall intel flash tool (with android, dnx, usb flash driivers) , make sure the firmware folder does not contain special and chinese characters.
Try to use latest flash tool GitHub - projectceladon/tools
Also try a different cable or flash the tablet on another computer with a different windows.

Thank You for your help, That worked, Only a couple issues that i still have and I am not sure if they can be repaired or removed, it still has references to the windows partition in the power menu and in the settings drop own from the top of screen, would this be a bios setting ?

Most likely these features are built into the system. If you have system selection on boot, you can turn it off if you enable fastboot in the bios, but this could “brick” the tablet.

Ok, Thanks, it is working so I guess i wont mess with it and brick it.