UBook Does not boot Windows

I have a Ubook purchased in May last year that no longer boots into Windows, instead it only allows access to the BIOS configuration utility. Is this a known issue? has anyone come across a fix. I have tried booting from a stand windows ISO but this fails as the install process does not find a partition to write to.

It sounds like your SSD has issues. Does the SSD still appear in BIOS? If not, you might need to replace it. If it does, you might have to low level format it. Note: formatting the SSD will erase everything on it.

You could try to remove the SSD first and try reading it with a SSD to USB adapter to see if you can get any data off of it.

Thank you for that. Looks like the disc is dead so a replacement is on the way. In terms of reinstalling windows is there an approved source for the Ubook version/drivers etc?

I have the same problem with ubook , I open it I remplace the ssd and I ask for support y Chuwi and they gave me the windows with the folder

Yes - I found the right files and things are back up and running now.

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