Booting error after blue screen

I’m in big trouble. while my kid was playing WHITEBOARD app with ubook, it was suddenly frozen and didn’t move at all. and there came a blue screen. and it was restarted.
and next whever I try to boot the ubook, it goes to BIOS seeting screen always and do not boot at all.
would you help me how to revive my ubbok?

and onething weird is when I tried to reinstall window10 to my ubook, in the procedure of confirming the dirve for window 10 partition, No drive is seen. there is no drive…I think my ubook doesn’t recognize a drive…

would you help me how to handle this?
thanks a lot!!

Does the SSD drive show up in BIOS?

You can look under the Chipset > SATA Config > Port 1: it should have the SSD drive listed.

If not, then most likely the SSD drive failed and could be a hardware problem.

If it is listed, check to see if the SSD is listed to Boot.

Check under Boot > Boot Option #1 : Should have Windows Boot (SSD)

If not, try adjusting the setting to see if it appears.

If it does appear, then you should be able to use Windows repair or reinstall Windows.