Ubook N4100 Pen Hi6

I Have buy a Ubook and Hi6
But tthe two button of Hi6 dont work ?

Do you have the solution ?


Sorry for my english im french

Hi. Please check your Ubook. I was advised that if your Ubook is an old version, it needs Hi3 pen not Hi6. According to after-sale service, if the serial number of your Ubook has H6 in the middle, it is a new version compatible with Hi6. If not, it requres H3 pen.
I bought a keyboard with Hi3 pen and i was advised by after-sale service that my Ubook is a new version, so it needs Hi6 pen. Now I have a Hi3 pen that does not work on my Ubook. I need Hi6.
Hope this helps.

Hye, I have the H6 in SN.
So it works, it juste for erase the button, i think to configure it for open a app, but it not possible ?

If it’s a new version, it must be in the configuration. Send an email to:
aftersale-service@chuwi.com. They must have the appropriate app configuration.
Good luck