Which Ubook do i have?

Hey i bought a Ubook two month ago and i am not sure which one i actually bought the new one or the old one, to know which HiPen i need to buy.
Its a TYPE: CWI509 with the Serial Number: ubook Q256G20032…

Actually i bought a 2020 ubook version so i thought i have got the new one, but somehow my HiPen H6 isnt working (tried two different) may be its the old one and i need the H3 HiPen. Anyone knows which one i have?

I would appreciate every help!

Well i solved this problem by myself, for people which will have the same problem - if u also got this kind of serial number = you have the old u book and you need the H3 Pen!

Yes, according to after-sale service, if the serial number of Ubook with “H6” in the middle, it is the new version Ubook that needs H6 pen.
Now I got stuck with H3 that I can’t use.

@Easy thats wrong what you say, there is no “H6” or “H3” inbetween of the serial number. Even some of the service people of chuwi dont understand it correctly. Is your serial number over 20 05 (ubook xxxx20 05xxx) u only can use H6, is your serial number under 20 05 (ubook xxxx20 03xxx) you only can use H3. This number seems to be the production date and gives you the information if you got the new or the old ubook. Simple information but is hidden in some old threat, which you need to find and its not helpfull if the service people of chuwi dont understand the system and tells you to install some old drivers or to reinstall windows.

I have H6 in my serial number and the after-sale service told me that, aside from the 2005 number, the H6 represents the pen that is applicable. Well, it seems that there are some problems with these guys. I think I will just give up asking them how to synchronize the time in my Ubook. No effective answer has been provided. Thanks anyway.