UBook Pro Will Soon Be Launched via Indiegogo! (2048 levels of stylus, m3-8100Y, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD)

The Most Powerful 2-in-1 Tablet We’ve Ever Built - fully refined UBook Pro will soon be available!

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:star:8th Gen Core m3-8100Y
:star:2048 Levels of Stylus Sensitivity
:star:Up to 8GB RAM+512GB SSD
:star:12.3’’ FHD Full-laminated IPS (3:2 Golden Ratio)

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Finally CHUWI decides to make some real decent tablet!
Keep it up!


Hallo Produzenten des U Book Pro!

Wenn Ihr das Produkt so herstellt und auch im Preis bei der derzeitigen Vorstellung bei rund 500,- € bleibt ist es ein alternativloses Angebot! Sehr gut!

Hello producers of the U Book Pro!

If you produce the product and also in the price at the current performance at around 500, - € remains it is an alternative offer! Very well!

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Instead of publishing new devices, I really think Chuwi should look back and upgrade some of their older devices. That’s the only way Chuwi can be better than all the crappy chinese companies.
For example, recent android security patches and keyboard problems on the hi9+ (2019) should really be fixed at this point.


The laptop is awesome.

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Bezel is too big for 2019. Don’t buy. Wait until they reduced the bezel.

Would buy if 16Gb option ram available

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