Ubook sd card reader issue

Every time i start the ubook, the sd card reader doesnt work properly (device manager say it works - cards are not recogniced).
Everytime i uninstall it (device manager) and reinstall it without reboot it works; after powering off or restart i have to go through the same procedure. changing drivers (update, downgrade etc.) has no effect at all.

Any Ideas?

hello tries to try another sd-card, there’s some model that gives problems

bin there, done that.
didn’t work with sandisc, toshiba and western digital; oldest is toshiba (2014) highspeed, western digital (2016?) UHS-I, newest is sandisc (2019) UHS-II. all SDxc.
same shit with all of them.
i think something is happening either on shutdown or boot.
read speed is totally slow, no matter if ms-standard driver (0,42 Mbyte write, 18,7 Mbyte read., or newest device-specific driver (0,43 Mbyte write, 18,5 Mbyte read).