Ubook X (10210Y) rom question

Hello again

The thing with H7 resolved (kinda, since pen still doesn’t work with photoshop cs6), but works with krita, but there’s another question
Is there any way to install windows 7 on that tablet, or windows 10 is the earliest version that you can possibly install?

We did not develop windows 7 for this tablet. Only windows 10 and 11. Why do you need windows 7?

“main station” of our artist is working on 7th windows for around… 10-ish years, and it’s hard for her to adapt to newer versions of windows, she keeps on grumping about how buggy and “bad” windows 10 and 11 are. That’s why i needed to know

I understand. I could ask next day on office to see if installing windows 7 would make a huge difference, but the thing is we do not have it. I will keep you posted