Upgrade to Android 11

Hi, is the Hipad X upgradable to Android 11?

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Hello, please contact the official email, thank you

Yes very easy by windows update

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Hi, I own a Chuwi Hipad X running Android 10. How can I upgrade to Android 11? With current operating system wifi connection looses constantly making it very difficult to watch streaming video.

Kind regards, Matias.

Hipad X exists with Android 11!
Yesterday I got one at home to replace a Hipad Pro sent twice for assistance … (the insurance told me that the courier lost it and I could not help but choose between a Hipad X with keyboard and one of another brand).
At home I already have a Hipad X with Android 10 (security patch 5 July 2020) build number “mt8788_20200811” but I can’t update it.
The one who arrived installed Android 11, build number “HiPad X_v1.0_ EEA _202111217”.
I can’t find anywhere where to find this latest build :slight_smile:

I want to update to windows 11 but my friend says it is not stable now

I can’t find anywhere where to find this latest build :slight_smile:


Por favor , sería posible actualizarsoftware de hipad X, se hace insoportable el fallo de conexión del wifi. Muchas gracias

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Si, me uno a esta petición Me hace falta actualizar una Chuwi Hipad X, pero no encuentro cómo hacerlo. Gracias

seguimos esperando, a ver si se presenta una solucion…

Hello, the newer version of HiPad X with Android 11 doesnt have the same CPU as the one with Android 10. This is where the compatibility of Android 11 with the older model meet a driver issue.