What is the black steel part . how can I fix m.2 ssd

I bought samsung m.2 ssd card yesterday.
To install this ssd card .
How can I remove a black steel fragment which is fixed with small bolt
in the middle of slot box.

This hole is for 2242 m2 SSD, which is haft the length of normal m2 SSD :sweat_smile:

i have a samsung nvme card which is double size.
without remvoing it, I can’t install my new card.
How can i remove this black 2242 steel. it was fixed.

Maybe you should contact Chuwi Expert to ask if the metal part’s attached to mainboard or not. In your picture, I think you could pluck it out with a Phillips screwdriver :sweat_smile:

Thanks for your reply.
if i cn’t remove it,
Maybe I have to exchange my card from 2280 to 2242.

It’s very easy, it’s just a clip on the plastic parts at the top of the photo with a small screwdriver.

There is no connection. It is only to prevent the SSD 2242 from moving or being released but it can be removed without any problem and install a 2280