What is the typical daily battery life of the Hi10 X?

what is the typical daily battery life of the Hi10 X?

I get around 5hrs with standard office/web use, with wifi/bluetooth turned on and about 50% brightness. If you put on battery saver and turn the screen brightness to 0% (still pretty usable in interior rooms with not too much light) I easily get to 6 hours, 7 hours with light use. When used as an “e-reader” (wifi/BT turned off on top of the previous settings) it should be able to get around 8hrs.

Though I must admit I don’t use the Hi10 X nearly as much as my Ubook Pro. You can add about 2-3hrs to each scenario for that device.

Very important for both devices: Be sure to use Edge (Chromium) as your browser, because Chrome or Firefox easily cut the battery life in half on both devices!

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I second this. Second year of tablet use and the battery lasts for 5 hours (or more if you’re really squeezing the battery life) with normal reading and office use. It can’t go more than an hour with heavy gaming.