[Chuwi hi10 pro/air] [charge/battery] Should I leave my tablet plugged all the time

As tittle, I want to use my Chuwi hi10 as a laptop for work. So does leaving it plugged all the time cause any danger to hardware or decrease battery lifespan?

The continued use of the tablet as a laptop is perfectly possible, but as it points out, having the charger on continuously is not advisable for the general life of the battery due to the continuous charges and discharges or for the general performance since during the charging process the battery increases the temperature of the device.
My advice is that you can use it continuously but disconnecting the charger when the battery level approaches 90% and reconnecting when it is at levels below 20% and the system so indicates.
If you perform normal office work the set will not have a high temperature even if it is being charged.