Whats the difference between H3 and H2 pen

I am interested in buying the Hi10x tablet it supports the hipen h3 stylus… but I want to know if the tecnology inside the H3 is better than the H2, that I already tried… the problem with h2 Hi10 Air is tha inaccuracy to write normal size letter… and sometimes when tablet get out of standby it the digitizer seems to struggle to follow the stylus trace… you have to wait a while to start writing well…

I have had 2, H2 and H3 and there is a big difference in their use and behavior.
The HiPen H2 does not have pressure levels or palm rejection, so it must be used without resting your hand on the screen and the stroke will always be the same thickness. The power is via internal rechargeable battery through micro USB
The HiPen H3 has pressure and palm rejection levels that are activated when the tip is brought closer to the screen. The experience is much more satisfactory since it can be written by resting your hand on the screen and can be written or drawn with more or less thick strokes depending on the force exerted on the screen. By cons, the feeding is by means of an alkaline battery AAAA.
Recently I tried the new Chuwi uBook Pro, 12.3 "that has as accessory the new HiPen H6 of Chuwi and is a magnificent experience, with 4,096 levels of pressure with which the screen becomes a canvas to draw with total precision.This HiPen is also compatible with the latest Microsoft Surface tables

Thanks @manonegra222 for the quick reply, I am looking for a budget 10.1 win 10 tablet that helps to go paperless, so I need one that has the right stylus hadwriting experience… do you think the hi 10 X with the hipen H3 would be a right choice?

Yes, I am sure it will serve you. I have not tried it on the Hi10X, but on the Chuwi SurBook and the Hi9Plus and its operation is very satisfactory