Where to buy Hi9 Pro nowadays

Is Hi9 Pro completely out of stock and not being sold anywhere any longer (other than a few “niche” offers at rather obnoxious prices)?

I’m looking for a decent tablet of 8-ish inch size (7.9 to 8.4, I suppose), and I remember Hi9 Pro was perfect in most regards. I don’t get it why Chuwi doesn’t at least create another (new) version of this size. The closest call, from what I’ve researched, is one from Teclast, but it comes with an ancient resolution (1280x800).

What is your budget for this one?

Haven’t thought about the budget - just as long as there’s EU availability. In the past, the best in the 8ish inch category (from my experience) were Chuwi Hi9 Pro and Huawei MediaPad M3 Lite.

I’ve tested Teclast P80x last week, but it’s “el cheapo plastic” with low resolution. Currently I’m trying out AlldoCube M8, which is also quite “plastic”, but the resolution is better.

Also, AlldoCube M8 seems a lot like Chuwi’s Hi8 SE…