Which Stylus does is my Hi10 X compatible with?

I recently purchased a CHUWI Hi10 X (advertised as XR by the store) but it actually has intel Celeron N4120, which I hear is a newer version of the Tablet. The Serial number is Hi10 XG128G21020xxxx. I am not sure which stylus this is compatible with, because the Forums only seem to talk about serial numbers starting with Qxxx. The box it came in has checkboxes for H3 and H6 on the side, though neither are actually checked. I hope to be able to use H7, but I’m not sure this will work. I don’t want to buy a pen that then doesn’t work, because they’re quite expensive (40€ or so). Does anybody know which stylus are compatible? Thanks.

No certainty here, but the switch from H3 to H6/H7 happened in the Hi10 X-series with Celeron N4100. I’d say the Hi 10 XR (with Celeron N4120) only came out after the Hi10 X-line ended, so I’d take a guess the H6/H7 should be the one to go for.

Not nearly €40 though! I ordered two spare H6’s last year for €15 each. If you shop around a little bit, the H7 is also pretty cheap :wink:

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I think darkjeric’s right. I have a Hi10X and a Hi10XR, both are N4120 and both respond to H6, also to MS Surface Pen and the stylus for Eve V that I’ve got, in other words any Microsoft Pen Protocol-compliant stylus. That being said, I really like the performance of H6, and I like that it’s rechargeable instead of requiring AAAA battery. I do digital art for fun and occasional profit using Krita, Sketchable and Rebelle (watercolour physics) and line thickness and opacity are nicely variable and controllable with H6.

Thank you! I bought a h6 for 24€ rather than a h7 because I don’t like having to replace batteries. I can confirm that it works with this tablet, and I am very pleased with how easily it writes. Perhaps the only trouble is the start button on the side of the screen which doesn’t seem to turn off even though there is palm rejection, and can become quite annoying.