[Official] [stylus] What devices are compatible with the Chuwi Hipen h1-h6 stylus

Corresponding Compatible Devices with CHUWI HiPen H1-H6:

:heart:Hipen H1-----Hi12

:heart:Hipen H2-----Hi10 Pro, Hi10 Air, Hi10 Plus.

:heart:Hipen H3-----Hi9 Plus,Hi9 Air,Hi10 X , Hi12 (ps:For product serial Numbers after 1709), Hipad LTE, SurBook 12.3, Hi13 Ubook, Minibook 8100Y

:heart:Hipen H6-----Ubook Pro

List of MPP protocol devices currently supported by Hipen H6 stylus:


HiPen H3 is also compatible with Chuwi Hi9 Plus

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How well do the styluses work under Linux? Specifically the HiPen3 on the Minibook?

Yes, I have the Hi10x with 6gb ram and 128gb emmc. My pen is defective I think.