Compatibility of Chuwi Stylus Pen H6/H7/H8

If I need to add any other please let me know. I hope now its more clear.
We discontinued all the Pen except H8 as there were many compatibility issues so we created H8. No more installations.

Hi1 Hi2 Hi3 Hi6 Hi7 Hi8
hi12 Hi 10 Pro Hi9 Plus Hi10 Go (N4500) Hi10 Go (N4500) Almost every device
Hi 10 Air Hi10 X(N4100) Hi10 X(N4120) Hi10 X(N4120) with touch screen
Hi 10 Plus Hi12 (SN after 1709) Ubook (SN after 2005) Ubook (SN after 2005) this pen is
HiPad LTE Ubook Pro Ubook Pro capacitive
Surbook 12.3 Ubook X Ubook X
Hi13 Ubook Xpro Ubook Xpro
Minibook (8100) HiPad X (T618 no) HiPad X (T618 no)
Ubook (Sn before 2005) HiPad Pro HiPad Pro

(updated by Maria 28/02/24)

*For Ubook X Latest Series end of 2023 (the ones that only admit H8), there is a patch to be able to install H7, H6
UBook X Patch for H6 H7 (latest models than only work with H8).rar (946.4 KB)

*H8 only admits charge with 5V do not use chargers of Hi Pen7 they are 12V

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thx for linking me the old Pen, so i can complete with the new :wink:

Hi, is the Hi7 compatibe with the MinibookX (N100)?

i will ask and update the chart i did not realize i did not write that one

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@behindjuly no its not compatible because it does not have MMP, the protocol that is used by h6 and 7, can only be used with H8