Hipen h6 doesn't work!

hi! i have the chuwi hi10 X and i am trying to use the hipen h6 but it will not work. do i have to download anything to make it work? if so, can you send me the link? thank you!

Yo estoy igual. No me funciona el pen h6 en mi hi10x :crazy_face:

Are you sure you have the “newer” Hi 10X that supports the H6-pen? The older models only support the H3-pen, which uses an entirely different tracking protocol. They’re not compatible, so it only supports one or the other.

The best wya to find out is check the serial number. If it starts with Q128G2… you have the one that uses an H3-pen, if it starts with Q128GH6… it should work with the H6-pen.