HI10x with H6 Pen

I can’t figure out how to pair my Hi10x with my H6 pen. I have e-mailed tech support but they just sent me all the drivers for the Hi10x and some bad directions. I don’t know what I am supposed to do with that.

Take a picture with a serial number

I finally got responses…the H6 doesn’t work with the Hi10x. Please have someone change the Amazon site. The Amazon site is incorrect. Although I have yet to test it, the h3 pen is supposedly the only one that works.

Also not correct. There are two different versions of the Hi10X being sold. The newer one supports the H6 pen, the older one (being solds through Amazon) only supports the H3. The difference is in the serial number, which is why Management was asking for it here :wink:

If your hi10x serial number has a H6 within it - eg. 128GH6… - then it is a newer version meant for H6 pen.
Email to aftersale-service@chuwi.com your serial number and let them give an official email to confirm that H6 does not work with your Hi10X version (or you might have already done so based on you saying Management had already replied you).
Then use that to do a return and get refund from Amazon.
If that does not work, PM me if you are interested to exchange your H6 with my H3 (assuming I have not already exchanged it earlier with someone else). I have the opposite problem to yours. I bought a H3 for my newer Hi10X when I should have bought a H6.

I will trade with you, my Hi10x was bought on Amazon so I guess it is an earlier serial number. I don’t have the box or the replacement tip anymore but I have the pen, charger and tip removal tool. Management did get back to me on the serial number issue eventually. I appreciate everyone’s input and help on this.