How to connect H6 pen?

Recently purchased Hi10x with H6 pen support but cannot figure out how to connect it. Pen has charged for over 12 hours and does not show up on Bluetooth connectivity list. Pen came with no documentation.

Please tell me the serial number

Hello I have the same problem I think.

The serial number of the tablet is Hi10X Q128GH62040949. Not sure where to find the serial number for the pen if that’s what you need.

I need help. my pen wont connect and got off amazon said it would work with hi10x its the h6 pen and doesn’t work. cant turn on or nothing. light comes on when charge that’s it

HI i have the same issue , my hi pen h6 isn’t recognize by may ubook pro q256g19123696. what could i do?

i have the same problem with my ubook, what do you guys do? @ellyome @nefm319 @michaelburek @Bcbraden??

Not sure if this might help, but so far every time the H6 pen didn’t work on my Ubook Pro, it simply had an empty battery. There’s no pairing or installation involved in its operation, the screen just has a digitizer that’s sensitive to the “radiation/magnetisation” that the H6-pen emits. So when the battery inside the pen is depleted, it no longer radiates and the screen cannot detect it. If you just charged the H6-pen, it might have a faulty battery.

Of course this does not rule out driver-problems that might interfere with the pen working…