Does the hipen h6 work automatically on the hi10x

Or is there anything i need to do before using it? Download a drive or update or something… Tnks

Check the serial number of your device. If there is something like this, it means that it is a new version that supports H6

Are there any other differences between old and new version besides HiPen H6 support?

So if it has : “hi10x Q128G20012613”, it wont work at all?

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NO, you should use H3.

That sucks. I just bought my hi10x last month and doesn’t support the new pen?!

Will/could there be a driver to download to make it work in the future?

It won’t. :slightly_smiling_face:

What is new about the new version? Old Hardware vs new Hardware.
Can you list the changes?

Thank you

The only difference is the stylus

I bought a H3 but I discovered my Hi10x is new version that does not support H3. If you want the H3 pen which supposed to work for your older Hi10x, I can exchange my H3 with your H6. Let me know if you are interested.