Widevine L1/HD-streaming for Chuwi-devices?

This question just jumped to my mind and I decided to make a thread here.

Have Chuwi ever even considered adding L1-support to their Android-devices to make watching HD-playback from Netflix/Prime/Hulu etc. possible? I’ve been thinking about getting Hipad Plus but the major thing holding me back is the lack of L1… It would make it a perfect multimedia tablet for videos, movies, series and so on, possibly one of the best tablets for that purpose on the market. Big shame to not be able to get everything out of the seemingly potential display. Basically there is really even no reasons for the manufacturers to not add it since it is (as far as I know) cost-free process. I guess some smaller companies just don’t bother…

I hope a person from Chuwi would read this and tell could this be a possibility in the future. Would be awesome.

Dear Chuwi fans, thank you for your interest in our products. We are very sorry that Hipad Plus does not support L1 , but we will seriously consider your opinions. Thank you!

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