WiFi keeps disconnecting, only connects @ 2.4 not 5

Title says it all, for some reason my new HiPad Plus keeps disconnecting the WiFi and when it connects it refuses to connect via 5 instead using 2.4. Any thoughts? Anyone else having this problem?

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I just got my hipad plus, and I am having the same sale issue. Came with android 11, is it possible there is a bug fix

Yes, I have the same problem. Quite annoying, because 2.4 GHz WiFi has shorter range and is weaker than 5 GHz.

I’ve restarted/reinstalled multiple times and it connects to 5 Ghz at first then stops connecting and goes back to 2.4, and the 2.4 is super unstable and keeps getting dropped. :frowning:

Now recently I connected to a network that had the 2.4 and 5 SEPARATE connections and when I connected manually to the 5 it seemed to work and stay connected. So it seems to be when you have a SID that shares 2.4/5 that it has trouble.

Please please fix this, it’s incredibly frustrating and makes an otherwise good tablet almost totally unusable. It’s 100% a 2.4 connection issue.