Wifi constantly drops connection

I recently purchased 2 HiPad 11 plus tablets. Both Tablets have the same problem, they won’t stay connected to the wifi. I have a brand new mesh network. Every other device we own gets great coverage and has no connection issue. But both of these devices have issues. Is there going to be a fix put out for this, or should the tablets be returned and a different product purchased. Without a stable connection, the tablet is useless.

Try enabling reconnection on trusted networks in settings. I had the same issue also with 5ghz but it’s now solved. Hope this helps!

That setting has been selected. The issue is when having multiple access points with multiple bands, the system is unable to resolve and crashes. The only way to reconnect, is to place the device in airplane mode and then turn airplane mode off. The two Chuwi tablets are the only devices that have this issue and we have over 30 devices connected in our home. Chuwi needs to issue a firmware update to resolve.