Wifi keeps losing connection

My Larkbook X keeps losing Wifi connection. This is very annoying! I have to turn off wifi and turn it on again to reconnect, sometimes several times within just a few minutes.

My other laptops and devices don’t have this issue and I’m sitting right next to my router, so my Wifi is fine.

Is annyone else experiencing this issue and what can I do about it?

If you are using Windows 11,try to troubleshoot in settings. You could try to completely remove your Wi-Fi connection and then download again. Have you run a virus scan on your device? As a last resort you could try a hard reboot.

Thanks, I removed the network adapter completely and installed the drivers that I found on this forum. That gave an error (blue screen) and the laptop rebooted. After that I updated the drivers and that seems to have worked! A few hours now and no connection loss, so fingers crossed :slight_smile:
I’m using Windows 10 by the way

The above did not help, but upgrading to Windows 11 DID help! Problem is solved now.

Same problem with Chuwi HiPad Plus. (Android 11)
Use for less than a month.
Keeps disconnecting wifi all the time.
When will there be a fix for this irritating problem?

Hello Robert77, I have the same problem with my LarkBook, but mine came with Windows 11 out of the box. The wifi driver version installed is 2024.0.10.125 (september 25, 2020).
What is your version?
However I think the wireless adapter or the antenna inside are just so so in this laptop. Verifying the wireless signal strenght in “wifi Analyzer” on par with my old smartphone, the LarkBook has very lower signal strenght.