Wi-Fi disconnection problem

My HeroBook Pro is perfect, but it has a HUGE problem, the wi-fi always disconnects, at all times, a few times several times in a minute.

I have read something about this problem here in the forum, but i can’t find the right way.

What’s the right way for to solve this problem? Updating the driver? Format the laptop with a new OS installation? Disable the automatic driver update?

I found that the wi-fi should be turned off during the installation of the operating system and before connecting it to the internet, prevent the automatic updating of the driver.

I don’t know which of these things is true or false, and therefore which suggestion to follow.

What Windows version i have to install? A generic one, or that official Chuwi version?


Hello, I have the same problem, but sometimes it does not connect to the first one, it is necessary to connect and disconnect several times.
Like sometimes the connection is lost.

Hi, did this problem ever get fixed? Our Herobook Pro regularly loses wifi and I have to right click wifi icon and select ‘Fix problem’ - which works, but annoying - especially as this is my daughter’s school work laptop! Thanks

Not at the moment, I think it is a problem with windows 10, I will install everything again or try another windows 10.