Wifi lost connection on Android but on Windows is good


HI10 pro cwi527
When I ping the tablet in Win 10 the connection is perfect.
But when I switch to Android the connection is lost many times.
I do reset, but not changed. I tried it with an another hi10 tablet too.

Anyone has a solution?

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Please try to restore android to factory Settings.

Reset=restore android to factory Settings.

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Just have the same problem lost wifi on Android , bur works fine on Windows , same after reseting to factory !

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… have any solution ?
When trying to connect wifi on Android , it try to connect, says ‘‘recorded’’ .
But it does not connected at all , server and password are ok .
Connection is marked as weak connection,but i am close to the modem , and my Samsung phone works perfectly with the same server and password .

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Please tell me your serial number.

Serial number is :

H10 HQ64G42180303883

Then,try to reinstall andiord,if still doesn’t work please send me a video.

I did reset the tablet to factory setting : same problem , no wifi on Android !

But works with Windows !

What do you want to see on video ?


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Video too big , can’t send that way. I wll try to send through OneDrive file…


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Try this:
While on the Android desktop, press the power button for 16 seconds. Even if it turns off, hold it down for 16 seconds.
Then turn it back on and check

Here is the video of the tablet Hi 10 Pro .

Wifi works on Windows but not on Android set up,after reseting to factory , same problem.


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I have seen the video you sent.

  1. Is it the same with other WiFi?

  2. Have you reinstalled all the android firmware?

Yes it is the same wifi set up with same password…had try it with Windows on same tablet , it works well on windows … and also on other phones , smart tv , my Mac … in my house… wifi works just fine.
But it says "weak reception “on the Cuwi tablet " only on Android set up” not on Windows , whitch is not true because it says strong reception on all other devices in the house.

I did a reset to factory reset trough Android setup…is that what you mean ??
I did not reset with “volume and on button” , to avoid loosing windows or android software …
How do I reinstal Android ? Without breacking other software on tablet ?
Thanks for your time.

This is the tutorial: