Poor Wifi Hi 10 Air

I have had my Hi10 Air for a few months now and am finding it a struggle for it to stay connected to WiFI. I can be in a room where both my HP Laptops have good signal and good speed, as does my phone, however my Air is showing very low signal and i get much lower speed. for example speedtest on the other devices shows approx 20 up and 5 down whereas on the air its typically only 3 up and 1 down and it struggles to work. Any advice or upgrades needed?? thanks

Do you have bluetooth enabled on your tablet? If you use bluetooth and Wi-Fi together, then the speed of Wi-Fi will be very low.

Some of the problems of the WiFi connection are solved simply by restoring the device.
To do this you must go to startup, configuration, update and security, recovery, restore this PC.
Check that you want to keep your files when you ask and put the charger.
A process will begin that will last several hours and that should not stop even if it seems that it is not moving forward.
Do the WiFi tests when finished and analyze if you have improved the results.

thanks - i will give that a try

It is true. On some devices, when sharing the same card for WiFi and Bluetooth, WiFi performance slowdowns occur when a Bluetooth device is connected.

I just soldered the second wi-fi PCB module to the usb line and use it for wi-fi connection, and use internal wi-fi for bluetooth :slight_smile:

hi - thanks - however I had already tried resetting to original build and it has made no difference