Hi10 Go slow wireless

Hi, recently purchased a Hi10 Go.
Wireless is painfully slow. Measured 1.5 Mbps download / 7.4 Mbps upload, ping 63 ms, on a connection that is getting >30/15, 20 ms on other devices, so there is definitely a massive issue with the tablet. Already tried updating/uninstalling/reinstalling the wifi adpater’s drivers, but that didnt’t help.

My attempts to return it under European consumer protection laws are being ignored by Chuwi, which is a shame (and also illegal…). I guess this is the risk one takes when buying a cheap copy of a reputable company…

Anyways, since I now seem to be stuck with my purchase, I would at the very least like to get the wireless connection running at a speed that is actually useful. It would be great if someone could help me out here!


I think that you need test it on an other wifi point.

When I first got my Hi10 Go, the wifi was also painfully slow.

However, this issue has completely disappeared for me recently, and wifi now works at a useable speed! (Not sure if this is because of new windows drivers automatically installing, or because of the recent linux/windows reinstalls from my part.)

Oh and, some things that I noticed: back in the day when wifi was still broken for me, it did help to just go sit almost right next to my wifi router. It seemed to be more of a signal strength issue than a real connection issue.

Also: taking off the tablet back cover greatly increased reception for me in the past. I think there’s some kind of metal plate in it, which might block the wifi signal from coming through.