Herobook Ubuntu Wifi very slow (Dual booting Windows/Ubuntu - only Ubuntu is slow)

I recently purchased and started using a HeroBook micro PC with Win 10 pre-installed. HeroBook with Windows 10 performs like a champ - very fast and nimble.

However I prefer to use Ubuntu or Ubuntu Studio on a daily basis for it’s stronger security and no real need for anti-virus.

So after I got the Herobook with Windows 10, I set up to dual-boot - first with Ubuntu (which had some troubles) and then switched to Ubuntu Studio 20.04.

A reason I moved to Ubuntu Studio is the Herobook built-in Wifi in Ubuntu was very, very slow. Unfortunately when I switched to Ubuntu Studio, I still saw the same Wifi slowness problems. (There is no problem with Wifi speed when I boot into Windows - the Windows Wifi is very fast).

To give an idea of the problem, when using either version of Ubuntu I get very low connectivity scores (25%), and connections and videos are sluggish. To see if the problem was related to the Chuwi wifi hardware, I tried plugging an old Wifi dongle (a 2013 Edimax, made for 150 Mbps) and that improved the connectivity to 50% (a lot) and my experienced connectivity improved, but not fully. In Windows, however, Wifi connectivity is 100%.

I ran Speedtest.net and for Ubuntu/Ubuntu Studio the experienced speed was 0.90 Mbps.

But the same Herobox connection on Windows (I dual-boot Windows/Ubuntu) is 10x faster at 9.0 Mbps.

I understand Chuwi sells some Herobooks with Ubuntu pre-installed, so you certainly must be able to get good Wifi connectivity and speeds with Ubuntu - I just seem to be having problems specifically to me.

Are there special Chuwi network drivers that need to be used when using a Herobook Micro PC with Ubuntu?

Many thanks. Jim