Herobook Ubuntu Wifi very slow (Dual booting Windows/Ubuntu - only Ubuntu is slow)

I recently purchased and started using a HeroBook micro PC with Win 10 pre-installed. HeroBook with Windows 10 performs like a champ - very fast and nimble.

However I prefer to use Ubuntu or Ubuntu Studio on a daily basis for it’s stronger security and no real need for anti-virus.

So after I got the Herobook with Windows 10, I set up to dual-boot - first with Ubuntu (which had some troubles) and then switched to Ubuntu Studio 20.04.

A reason I moved to Ubuntu Studio is the Herobook built-in Wifi in Ubuntu was very, very slow. Unfortunately when I switched to Ubuntu Studio, I still saw the same Wifi slowness problems. (There is no problem with Wifi speed when I boot into Windows - the Windows Wifi is very fast).

To give an idea of the problem, when using either version of Ubuntu I get very low connectivity scores (25%), and connections and videos are sluggish. To see if the problem was related to the Chuwi wifi hardware, I tried plugging an old Wifi dongle (a 2013 Edimax, made for 150 Mbps) and that improved the connectivity to 50% (a lot) and my experienced connectivity improved, but not fully. In Windows, however, Wifi connectivity is 100%.

I ran Speedtest.net and for Ubuntu/Ubuntu Studio the experienced speed was 0.90 Mbps.

But the same Herobox connection on Windows (I dual-boot Windows/Ubuntu) is 10x faster at 9.0 Mbps.

I understand Chuwi sells some Herobooks with Ubuntu pre-installed, so you certainly must be able to get good Wifi connectivity and speeds with Ubuntu - I just seem to be having problems specifically to me.

Are there special Chuwi network drivers that need to be used when using a Herobook Micro PC with Ubuntu?

Many thanks. Jim

I have the Herobox mini pc too, I bougth it one month ago and installed Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with the same problem, the wifi not work well, disconect continuosly and when work is very slow. All only in Ubuntu, in windows work nice.
I upgrade the kernell in Ubuntu several times but the wifi not work well.

A workaround to the slow Wifi when used with U, but one that won’t be practical for most people - if you have a mesh internet network like I do, you can connect to your local mesh unit with a lan cable. 120Mps, exactly what I pay for, with no problem at all. You shouldn’t have to do that, but it solved the problem for me. I’d rather use the internal Wifi on the CHUWI, and free up that LAN connection for another device.