Inside the CHUWI Herobox Mini PC Intel Celeron J4125 Quad Core 8GB RAM 256G SSD

Took my device apart and took some photo’s (warranty void).
The build quality is superb, everything seems to be in order. The PCB design is beautiful and the assembly was put together nicely. Extra care was taken by gluing components down that meet the user like the power button and the sata connector.
The only thing I did not like was that the Bluetooth / Wi-Fi antenna connectors these were glued to the wireless module so the PCB could not be separated from the housing (did not try) however this makes sure the antennas will not come loose during assembly. The bios chip is also accessible.

Was not able to insert pictures into this post so I uploaded them to google drive:

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You can peel that transparent sticker thats on antenna connectors and then you can disconnect the antennas. You can then put them back together, thats what I did.