Chuwi Herobox - Unlocked BIOS

I bought this device, but the unlocked bios isn’t available!
Please, share the unlocked bios with Chuwi community.

Review with the unlocked BIOS

Thanks in advance!

I return this device, don’t worth the money!
Buyed this one:

:white_check_mark: BIOS is unlocked;
:white_check_mark: Much faster CPU;
:white_check_mark: More space to upgrade later (2.5" bay + PCIE slot);
:white_check_mark: More capacity (256GB);
:white_check_mark: More connections (USB 3.0 + DisplayPort);
:white_check_mark: More cooling (laptop fan);
:white_check_mark: More acessories ((HDMI + DisplayPort);
:white_check_mark: More active community.

The review above (youtube techtablets), is totally fake.
We won’t get the remote command and bios is locked!