HeroBox Bios advanced mode

Hello all,

Just got my HeroBox and when accessing the BIOS, i only get basic configuration options. Based on the reviews I’ve seen before purchasing i was expecting to have access to the more advanced options.
Can someone please help understand how to “unlock”/flash to have the advanced options?

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Try to setup administrator password in “security” tab.
Be sure to remember it, otherwise you will not be able to get into the bios.

Thank you for the reply.

Unfortunately setting an admin password didn’t allow me access do the advanced BIOS menu.
Also tried the usual combos (CTRL+F1, pressing A), but no luck

Any ideas?

Thank you

Probably you need to flash another bios, where the settings will not be hidden.
You can try to contact support, but if they can’t provide it, your only option is probably to manually edit the bios with the amibcp tool.