Herobox Bios Bricked


I own a Chuwi Herobox and I got my bios bricked after changing the OS type to Linux.

This option should no be enabled as it bricks the minipc as well as other windows based Chuwi devices.

I have contacted chuwi support but no answer yet.

I tried to disconnect the yellow battery from the board and left it disconnected for more than 10h, but it did not solved.

Any way do fix this? Is it possible to reset bios or re-flash it? The reset but also does not work!

Please contact aftersale@chuwi.com

I already did it and got no reply.

Can you please help?

Tell me your email,please


I need this fix ASAP as it has been using for video reviews

I just bought the HeroBox! I need Linux.

Is there a FAQ with workarounds? Something describing the problem?


You can install Linux on it and it will work perfect! Just don’t mess with the bios.

Although Chuwi has provided the bios files to re-flash, it did not work and because I opened the boss in order to disconnect the bios battery and try to reset it, they will no longer provide warranty.

No more Chuwi for me.